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Instead, they have to enlist by This means that some odd idols who are born in and have to conscript by the end of Tumblr Date of Birth: Donghyun was also in the idol rebooting show The Unit. The other members were born between and , so it will be a few years before they are required to conscript. Wikia Date of Births: While the group has talked about enlisting together, it is likely that Dongwoon will promote solo for another year before his service. Eldest member Dujun has already been prohibited from overseas travel. Onewrang Date of Birth: Pinterest Date of Births:

FT Island Members Profile

This edition sold 25, copies in December The band performed songs from their album and showcased their individual talents in their solo performances. Later that year, F. Island was able to make it onto the charts without any true marketing efforts. Island released the music video for their mini-album title song “Bad Woman.

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[★BREAKING] Son Yeon Jae and FTISLAND Choi Jonghoon revealed to be in a relationship

A post shared by Jiwon Ha hajiwon on Oct 3, at Another rumored past girlfriend of Chang-wook is Park Min-young. Jan 1, at 4: Ji Chang-wook was seen wearing accessories of the same design as Kim Juri, and his photographs taken at the location of the same background began to be compared. Some people have gathered and posted pictures of them putting on the similar items on the internet before as well.

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Oct 26,  · Seunghyun (FT Island) Minwoo (Boyfriend) Yonghwa (CN Blue) Sunny (SNSD) Hongki (FT Island) Tiffany is dating Nichkhun! → 6 comments on “ Top K-POP Idols Popularity in Japan and South Korea.

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Apart from characterizing FTISLAND’s distinctive and popular music, it expresses the anxious thoughts of a man, who would normally not look at ordinary women, falling in love with one woman. This is a rock ballad with sad lyrics that will stimulate you and leave a lasting impression. Stay with me Lyrics:

Sila ay binubuo nina Choi Jong-hoon (guitar at keyboard), Lee Hongki (lead vocals) Lee Jae jin (bass at vocals), Song Seung-hyun (guitar at vocals), at Choi Min-hwan (drums). Ang kanilang debut album na “Cheerful Sensibility” ang ika-anim na pinakabumentang album noong

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Saranghae South Korea

Link ke posting ini Okay, first of all. So, After searching on internet. I found some of infos. She is so lovely and cute. Look at her eyes, she has smiling eyes.

Korean Star Korean Wave Lee Jin Wook Ji Chang Wook Lee Jong Suk Choi Jin Hyuk Choi Seung Hyun Hot Korean Guys Korean Men. Ji Chang Wook – Flashback Grazia Magazine ️ J Hearts on Dating Actresses – Ya Korea See more Maui Asian Men Asian Guys Most Handsome Korean Actors Ft Island Korean Drama Kdrama Kpop Dean Winchester.

With IU ‘s fans back at debut, when the two were constantly compared. IU fans weren’t particular impressed and didn’t feel she was worthy of being the Second IU, while Juniel fans bragged about Juniel being superior due to playing guitar and writing her own music which is futile since IU also writes her own music and plays guitar.

The comparisons as well as the rivalry has died down since then. With FT Island ‘s Seunghyun, who along with Jonghyun share d the same guitar teacher, has been seen by her side a lot in FNC group activities and were pretty chummy and playful during a Gayo Daejun pre-recording, amongst other things. Juniel herself has denied dating rumours, but it hasn’t deterred shippers. Her debut song “Illa Illa” is her most well-known one. Simply mentioning that she’s good friends with some Exo members including school friend Kai brought her much hate from some Exo-Ls who were jealous and accused her of being attention-seeking.

Even though she went to school and did a CF with them which makes it perfect sense for them to be friends.

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Super Junior Super Junior debuted as a project group, not an official group. But then they added Kyuhyun and it became an official group SM has never pushed this group since their debut Leeteuk even said on a broadcast, “Back then, people listened to our songs and cursed us. But these days, they cursed us without even listening to our songs” YG’s representative group:

Jan 27,  · Sebelum ni dylea dah post koleksi lagu 2PM sila rujuk –> 2PM Song Collections + Download ^^ tapi ini merupakan koleksi penuh album 2PM!!

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. I love Lee Hong Ki and i delieve you will find this facts very interesting 1. He began his career as an actor but at 13 decided to focus on singing. He was playing the lead role in the drama “Kangsooni” and performed a song for the soundtrack. FNC Entertainment was so impressed with his vocal ability they snagged him and that’s how he became the lead singer of F.

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[News] FT Island’s Choi Jonghun, To Appear In “You’re My Pet” with Main Leads Jang Geunsuk & Kim Haneul FT Island member, Lee Hongki, revealed on his twitter that Choi Jonghun will be casted together with Jang Geunsuk and Kim Haneul, for the movie “You’re My Pet”.

Yeah, their relationship seems very close. But, they did too much skinship in front of public. That’s why netizzen started gossiping about them. I, myself, agree if they are together since they are my favoirite. Let me recall you to those proofs about their closeness. Juniel tweeted that on her account with the attachment photo of the ticket. Seunghyun showed their closeness by holding her hands and whispering to her. Before Gayo, Hongki said that Seunghyun was dating, so the rumors started, assumed that Seunghyun’s girlfriend was Juniel 4.

In airport they linked their arms! Okay, they just did it for awhile, it just like Seunghyun tried to protect her, Minhwan also slightly put around his hand on her shoulder when they were in the airport. Seunghyun’s act was too obvious 5. But, Seunghyun and Juniel came later than the other members and they walked in hand in hand!!!! Seunghyun even showed Juniel’s hand to the camera.

Oh well, they did too much skinship 6.

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