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Back it up na bump your rump na Grab my spears na Work it out lyrica Grab my shoulder pick it up na Take it lower to the floor na Watch out baby I might drop a little somethin’ ride it baby, we can hook a jewish speed dating long island britney Take out baby wanna do a little somethin’ You know baby, let’s hook up a little somethin’ Baby The can’t believe everything that I feel when I dance with you. From the small of my back, to the breath on my neck, to that lyrics you do. Put your body, got get my body, right next to you. Move the party, gotta rock britney party until they’re over you. Hook it up na bump your rump na Grab my waist na Work it out na Grab my shoulder pick it up na Take it lower to the floor na Back it up the bump your rump na Grab my waist na Work it britney na Grab my lyrics pick it up na Take it lower to the floor na Boy I can’t explain, what you do to me, My whole spears has hook, I’m living a fantasy Tonight I’m in the mood, please take me by your hand. I wanna spears in your groove, oh baby take me there. Everybody get up rose matchmaking cost, If ya sit down I wanna see everybody on the dance floor move now Yo! Everybody dance The bodies keep shakin’, the now my body keep shakin’ Better lyrics your butt out here baby, c’mon let’s go.

Britney Spears’ niece Maddie ‘awake and talking’

Share this article Share Bryan, who runs a marijuana edibles company, said: Bryan picutred with ths singer when they met for the first time on vacation in Hawaii Bryan picture directly before a lip filler procedure: He has his lips plumped frequently to avoid looking older, as well as to resemble Britney Spears ‘I was obsessed, I watched all her interviews, learned all her choreography and then paid to have the same perfect smile as, I felt that during that time we were very similar.

The super fan, who also performs as Britney Spears, is pictured dressed up as the singer with a long wig ‘I used to perform in west Hollywood, doing songs and numbers – it’s still something I want to do in the future. In his bid to look like Britney, Bryan has had a nose job, fat injected into his cheeks, lip fillers, botox and laser hair removal surgery ‘Britney will always be one of my biggest inspirations, I love that she was the biggest star in the world went through an incredibly hard time and came out on top.

Bryan two weeks after the rhinoplasty he had to copy Britney Spears’ nose ‘I’ve never been more nervous, I was face to face with my biggest idol and inspiration, she was completely not glammed stripped of make-up, very real and so gorgeous.

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Spears is a switch hitter. Federline, lounging on the deck of an above-ground pool behind a Motel 6 in Tampa, Florida, where he is scheduled to perform at Borders tomorrow night. She was always wantin’ me to hook her up with another bitch so we could all get busy together. The return of the Bermuda Triangle. That was hot, yo.

Britney Spears

She began signing at talent shows from a young age and, despite media reports, pushed her parents to help her pursue her career rather than them pushing her. After attending an arts school in New York, she acted on “The Mickey Mouse Club” for several years before it was canceled. At age 15, Spears was signed to Jive Records.

You may have heard them hundreds of times, but truly understanding these songs takes more than a few casual listens (or even bar-side belting).

And some know how to give their fans precisely what they want, but only a few know how to do both at the same time. That’s why Britney Spears drags a chubby guy into the bathroom of a supersonic jet in Best Video of the Year nominee “Toxic,” only to tear off his mask and reveal a hunky blond stud. Picking out the everyguy is a fantasy on one level for her, but you put a chubby guy in there and the common man gets something too. Though Spears didn’t co-direct her clip like fellow nominees Usher and Eminem did , Kahn marveled at how the singer came to him with a fully formed idea for the video, down to the smallest detail.

Near the beginning of the video, Britney knew she wanted to drip some water in a passenger’s lap, provocatively dab it up and then turn around and kiss a child on the head. She totally understands that she’s naughty and nice, that she’s the girl next door gone bad who is constantly titillating you. She’s not like most artists who flaunt their pure sexuality. She toys with you and leaves you conflicted. The gentleman who gets a lapful of water was his longtime casting director, and the lucky bathroom hook-up was the casting director’s assistant, a comedian Kahn has also known for years.

As he does in all his videos, Kahn also packed it full of tributes to his favorite movies and artists. From the John Woo-like pack of doves that follows the airplane into the first and last frames to the “Blade Runner” look of the futuristic city Britney rides through on a motorcycle, Kahn mixed the familiar with some signature touches. One of the clip’s most arresting images features the singer naked except for strategically placed diamonds.

Though Kahn said people often think Brit is wearing a nude hose over her body, he promised that she went full commando for the shot.

The biggest celebrity hook-ups of 2017

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BRITNEY Spears’ boyfriend, Sam Asghari, thinks fate brought them together. Asghari, 24, was cast in the singer’s Slumber Party music video only hours before it was set to start shooting.

Kevin founded Wizbang in He still contributes occasionally and handles all the technical and design work for the site. Peter June 29, I bet she has Hillary Cankles, too. Oh, what once was is no longer, I guess. Mike June 29, I really, really miss the Dollar General tablecloth moo-moo dress too. Is it mid-July already Kevin? What about the brunette? Sean June 29, I agree with Paul.

I saw this photo yesterday on another blog and thought the same thing.

Britney Spears – Onyx Hotel Tour – The Hook Up – HD

While much of the dark and sensual sounds of her recent album evoke Blackout, this electrifyingly upbeat track has more of the ebullience of Femme Fatale. Not that it needed one. For the most part, the new direction paid off, but there were a few misses. And Nile Rodgers on guitar ups the cool factor. Is Spears on the level of Annie Lennox vocally?

BRITNEY Spears had a nightmare on stage at Brighton Pride when she forgot where she was – and had to ask a backing dancer. The year-old pop princess fronted the celebrations at the seaside town.

Share this article Share Meanwhile, in the extended sequences, they can be seen kissing passionately – he baring his toned arms in a tank top – as well as holding hands out and about. The advert soon launches into the familiar refrain from last week: Natasha Bassett as the Toxic singer shaving her head, her slightly lengthened voice-over saying: Shirtless as well, he wraps his arms about his wife and kisses her in the swimming pool, and the pair of them ultimately submerge themselves completely.

It’s the second spot released Tuesday, however, that gives a fuller picture of what the Lifetime film will cover in regards to the two relationships. Spears and Timberlake dated from until More footage: Though the extended trailer does show a steamy kiss between them pictured , another preview released Tuesday expands on their relationship, as well as her relationship with her second husband The advert’s Timberlake portion contains yet another kiss – though this time he’s got a blue tank top on – and a couple of shots of them getting cosy at a nightclub table.

A reporter’s also seen asking the couple outright: In the Federline section, he lies in bed, wearing nothing but underwear and showcasing his musclebound figure, and proposes. Clayton Chitty will play Kevin Federline, the titular pop star’s second husband, to whom she was married from until , and who also appears in the extended trailer as well as the new preview After some brief snatches of wedding footage – the pair were married from to , resulting in two sons and a tempestuous custody battle – the ad moves on.

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During that visit early in , we met for an interview in a Toronto hotel room. She looked like any high school girl; she was friendly, polite, a little quiet and very sweet — far from the python-wielding enchantress we would see just a couple of years later, let alone the seasoned entertainer who will be returning to Las Vegas for another residency in February. In the interview below, fame is all new to her: She talks about screaming when she first heard herself on the radio — around 20 years ago this week, when the single was first released — the loneliness of touring, the increased recognition from fans including too much attention from a certain older male fan and getting accustomed to being onstage and in the public eye.

Her answers, which have been lightly edited for clarity, provide a rare glimpse of a superstar at the very beginning of her rise. I was at home and I had just gotten off the airplane.

Britney has sung some great songs, sometimes, dear diary, hit me baby one more time, with some profound words of wisdom. If you want avoid singing the wrong words, potentially making a fool of yourself, take a look at the lyrics section. We have all the lyrics to all her songs.

Best Music Albums of House of Balloons Who is The Weeknd? Download the album here: House of Balloons 2. Like Kanye West, Drake confronts his neuroses head-on. Unlike Kanye, he manages to dissect them and, in the process, give his audience a greater sense of who he is and what makes him tick. Dye It Blonde Whereas the self-titled debut of this Chicago indie-rock band was distorted and raw, for their sophomore effort they decided to enlist indie superproducer Chris Coady Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House , and the difference is huge.

Britney Spears, ‘In The Zone’ (Jive)

She wants to fight? I say bring it on! I will take her best shot and give her back double. Jessica SO intense—eyes hard, snarling as she sets a sizzling tempo early. Smooth run and gun from Alba for most of the round—Britney comes on late.

Tulisa opens up about winning ‘Scream & Shout’ lawsuit against Britney Spears and , saying there is no “bad blood”.

The songs on this album are all phenomenal. Bad Media Karma, another day another drama Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, I’m Mrs. Britney shows that even with all the stress and struggles of life, she is not going to let any of it bother her. She plans to move on. A perfect ending for an unbelievable album.

Letra de The hook up (en español)

Girlfriend of Charlie Ebersol [October June ]. Most of her profits came from her album “Femme Fatale”, her perfume line, and her endorsements. Child’s father is her 2nd ex-husband, Kevin Federline. In January , there were 40 worldwide trending Twitter topics on Britney Spears in five days.

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Her Elvis-outfit promo for “Live in Las Vegas” and her white one-piece swimsuit for the “3” music video. In both work ethic and general ability to sell, one can look for “flops”, but they are few and far between, semi on-purpose Britney Jean or forced by sketchy circumstances the Clear Channel radio drama during the Britney era. Besides her comeback and “hiatuses”, she’s the most successful of her peers who started at the same time she did.

All Just a Dream: The videos for ” Alone in a Crowd:

Britney Spears Live Onyx Hotel Tour Miami FL DVD

Before she knew it, Britney was saying her goodbyes to high school friends and packing her bags for New York City with one thing on her mind: Following numerous tabloid stories attempting to knock the young singer off of her pedestal, Britney released her second album in , Oops! I Did It Again, to mobs of awaiting fans.

The Britney craze was in full swing and the humble princess fast became the Queen of Pop with sold out shows, respect from the music critics and a million-dollar contract with Pepsi. While Britney continued to rise with the success of her third LP, the pop star also began to lose a lot of her younger fans when she ripped off the schoolgirl gear and pranced around in skimpy underwear with giant snakes wrapped around her neck.

Birth Name: Britney Jean Spears. Place of Birth: McComb, Mississippi, U.S. Date of Birth: December 2, Ethnicity: English, along with 1/16th Maltese, and small.

After his tribute to Justin Timberlake after his Super Bowl performance, we decided to show you guys the top 5 times the ‘Biebs was the ultimate fan boy. Do you think Justin’s love for other celebs is weird, or does it make you like him even more? But the first time they met, things got a little complicated. Corden asked if she had a crush on Ryan Gosling, another mickey mouse Club member, but Aguilera said her eye was on someone else. Supplied Spears and Timberlake ended up getting together later on from to before splitting up.

Aguilera said things may have been different if Spears went for another guy who had a crush on her. Timberlake and Spears split due to infidelity rumours swirling around the Oops! Despite the crushes and love triangles, all four stars ended up with different partners. Timberlake is currently married to actress Jessica Biel while Britney Spears has been linked to Sam Asghari, a personal trainer.

Gosling has been dating actress Eva Mendes since and has two children with her. Meanwhile, Aguilera is engaged to producer Matthew Rutler. This story originally appeared in Fox News and is republished here with permission.

Britney Killing the “The Hook Up” Breakdown! (2004)