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This article is an itinerary. Three days in Singapore is your guide to see the sights of Singapore. Understand[ edit ] The following itineraries illustrate three ways to spend one day in Singapore. They all assume you will start from and end your trip at your lodgings. All prices listed are in Singapore dollars. The estimates provided below do not include food, drinks or the cost of transportation between the hotel where you are staying and the locations of the first and last destinations stated in each itinerary. Bumboat sailing on the Singapore River past the Esplanade Theatres Prepare[ edit ] Travelling in Singapore is easy enough, but equipping yourself with a bottle of water and a decent map — the free Singapore Tourist Map is fine — is advisable. If you plan on using the subway system, or MRT as it is known in Singapore, you should consider investing in the pre-paid EZ-Link card. Day 1[ edit ] The Tourist Loop If you have to pick one itinerary out of the three listed here, this is the one.

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Our pick of Singapore’s coolest bars, fun pubs, discos and eateries for all stripes. Soap up and step out for some fun with foam. Trendy cocktail and wine bars are now all the rage, with intimate speakeasies and alfresco drinking spots popping up all over the city. Like many Asian countries, karaoke is a beloved pastime, and if you fancy a turn behind a microphone, there are karaoke bars of all stripes — from sketchy to swish — to choose from, mostly with private rooms to sing and drink in gratefully away from the public eye.

Wander into any karaoke bar past midnight on a weekend and expect to overhear forgotten hits by Heart and The Bee Gees belted out with reckless, tone-deaf, abandon.

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Five foot way The covered walkway along the road is within the shophouse property line but is for public use, providing pedestrians shade from sun and rain. In early Manila two-storey houses were built in rows with arcades on the ground floor. This practice spread to other States in British Malaya and by-laws with requirements for “verandah-ways of They were not easy to implement: Even to this day municipal authorities have to occasionally make sure that the arcades are kept free from shopkeepers blocking the path with their goods.

In other parts of Southeast Asia, shophouses lack this distinction but, if an area’s by-laws are observed, are a useful feature that protects pedestrians from the sun and frequent torrential rain. Older shophouses in Bangkok , for example, may have a plain ledge without gutters jutting out over the pavement, while newer ones may do without this element altogether. Internal courtyards[ edit ] Internal courtyards provide open ventilated voids to allow circulation, such as the presence of natural light and air.

One of the most important features of the shophouse is the use of a variety of open-to-sky spaces to admit natural daylight as well as natural air. These open-to-sky spaces may be back yards, small airwells and most commonly, internal courtyards.

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Comfort over culture As borne out by the eating-out-over-cooking conundrum, you may find it hard to over-exert yourself in Hong Kong. Almost every young couple has a helper to act as sometime cook, cleaner and nanny. As a result, even on a minimum wage, I have never been so lazy or well groomed. Taxis Taxis are plentiful and cheap, and you must take them at every opportunity:

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More information on EFS is available at: Singapore Judiciary’s Electronic Filiing System The USCA is available to answer questions about the Hague application process, to forward a completed application to the MSF, and to subsequently monitor its progress through the foreign administrative and legal processes. If the applicant parent hires an attorney, attorney fees are the responsibility of the applicant parent.

Additional costs may include airplane tickets for court appearances and for the return of the child, if so ordered. Department of State can assist parents living in the United States to understand whether the Convention is an available civil remedy and can provide information on the process for submitting a Hague application. The criteria for acceptance of a Hague access application vary from country to country. Department of State can assist parents living in the United States to understand country-specific criteria and provide information on the process for submitting a Hague application.

More detailed information, including any fees, is available at:

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On the cusp of her 50th birthday, Katie Couric became the first female solo anchor of a national evening news show. At 61, actress Susan Sarandon is still the American prototype for the sexy older woman, a title she claimed in her 40s. She is at the peak of her influence and power. She is committed to living fully and passionately in the second half of life, despite failures and false starts. We also checked out what prominent authors Shirley W.

Singapore has a wealth of Art Deco architecture, dating mainly from the s and s. The style was especially popular in commercial architecture, like factories and offices. The style was especially popular in commercial architecture, like factories and offices.

In fact, the fishing has been pretty sporadic for the last 2 years or so. Finally though, I have a blog post with pictures of fish! After all that time of not fishing, I had a hankering to touch the sea so I asked if anyone in our Native Watercraft WhatsApp group was keen on a trip, and got a reply from Fendy and Nordin. We left the planning till pretty late and when I started to begin the prep work, I got no reply from Fendy; at all.

Aside from the initial mumblings of which kayak we were going to use, and where we were going to fish at, the actual finalisation of the trip was done the day before. I waited a little to see if God would bless me with a valid reason to go back to sleep. As usual, I was blessed. I have no idea what was going on there. Maybe he was staring at his screen blankly. So I called him and it took a few rings before he picked up, we were both agreeable to delaying the launch to let the rain pass.

Ashamedly, this time, I woke up 5 minutes after my 9am alarm. Again, it took a direcet phone call to Nordin to get a response. We set a time to meet, at the location where our kayaks were stored.

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Shophouse The old style shophouses are shops with one or more stories of living accommodation above it. These shophouses typically have a so-called five foot way which is a covered walkway located in front of the shop doors, with the upper floors shielding the pedestrians from the elements. This is a result of the Raffles Town Plan for Singapore with the stipulation that “all houses constructed of brick or tiles have a common type of front each having an arcade of a certain depth, open to all sides as a continuous and open passage on each side of the street”.

These buildings typically have whitewashed walls, and black painted wood or detailing. As a multi-religious port-city, with migrants from all over the world, a variety of different immigrant communities lived and worked in Singapore.

The most romantic places in Singapore. I know many people who whine about how boring Singapore is. From those who have not seen our “52 Things to do in Singapore” list (boo!!) to couples who have been dating for ‘s always the same old places, same old food and same old activities year in year out.

This tourist destination offers plenty of nightlife options. This is a very famous area of Singapore located near the Singapore River and is accessible by public transportation. Just be prepared for prices that are not very cheap. When you walk around Clarke Quay, you will find dozens of places that are alive at night. You just need to get there early to get inside the club, or you will be standing in line with a large number of people. It is actually being restored and scheduled to re-open in This is a fun bar with two stories.

The first story is a cozy lounge for people to chat and enjoy music streaming from the upper level. The upper level is where the band plays and people dance. And then there is the New Asia Bar. This bar provides an amazing view from the 70th floor of the tallest hotel in Singapore, the Swissotel Stamford. Make sure you get there early to get inside and take in the amazing nighttime view of Singapore.

You need to plan your trips in advance so that you get to a club or bar in plenty of time to get inside.

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Nonetheless, it includes a few factors I consider important. Naturally, the relationship that the parents enjoy will ideally balance all interests — including the best interests of the children involved, which may mean that a single mother wishes to relocate closer to family to help , or for a higher paying job to cover additional expenses. Widowed or divorced, our children may be going through so much emotional turmoil that the last thing we wish to do is add to it.

Consequently, it makes sense to factor in how old they are, how attached they are to friends and community activities of their own, and how close they are to completing a key stage in their education middle school or high school. And we all know that some kids, like some adults, are more resilient than others. Financial Factors in Relocating for Single Moms Affordability of a home, much less a town or city, is certainly crucial when it comes to being a single parent.

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