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If you’re not familiar with my site, it’s simple, and you’ll love it or hate it: It’s not a fancy site but it remains unchanged since ’98 and I firmly believe, “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Just click on any underlined text and it should open a picture; if you move your cursor over the pic and there’s a magnifying glass displayed instead of your cursor, click the pic and it will expand it to larger size. Plays really nice and there are no issues, cosmetic or otherwise, with this guitar. Latest and greatest Sonic Maximizer. The Mini eliminated the battery compartment allowing it to use minimal space on your pedal board.

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If you’re not familiar with my site, it’s simple, and you’ll love it or hate it: It’s not a fancy site but it remains unchanged since ’98 so I figure, “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Just click on any underlined text and it should open a picture; if you move your cursor over the pic and there’s a magnifying glass displayed instead of your cursor, click the pic and it will expand it to larger size.

This model was offered for around a year and I don’t even see it any of my Fender catalogs, although catalogs do show the Musicmaster Bass which was produced in greater numbers.

Customer feedback; Submitted on the 3rd February by Bernt who purchased a purchased a Spector NS CTB bass. I have searched a lightweight shortscale fretless bass for some time and found my dream bass online on your website.

What is the Guild privacy policy? You can read our full privacy policy here. Please visit the dealer search section of our website here. What type of polish is safe to use on my guitar? To keep your Guild fresh and free of grime, we recommend a microfiber guitar polishing cloth such as the one available at our webstore along with any polish or cleaner specifically made for lacquer finishes.

While almost any polish made specifically for guitar will be safe to use on your Guild, it really comes down to the type of finish that is on the guitar. Durable finishes like polyurethane will withstand almost any polish you can find, but more delicate finishes like varnish or nitro may react adversely to more abrasive products. When shopping for a polish, just be sure that it is approved for the type of finish on your guitar — if you are not sure about the type of finish on your guitar, we suggest seeking the opinion of an experienced guitar technician or guitar shop employee who can help you find the best product.

It is a good idea to avoid any polishes or cleaners that are not made specifically for guitar such as metal polish, furniture polish, or automotive products, as they can contain abrasives or chemicals that can harm the delicate and thin finish on the guitar. Regular, light treatment such as during a restring is all that is needed to keep these un-finished wood parts healthy.


The year-old and year-old skaters placed 8th in Sochi in Bates also competed in in Vancouver in with his previous skating partner. Chock and Bates, who first started performing as a pair in , are ready to show their stuff again, especially following strong performances and medal wins! Read on about this dynamic duo below:

Heritage SAE Cutaway: Here is a very,very, rare guitar. This is the Heritage SAE Cutaway made for only a short time around

These instruments combine all our experience, our independent developments and traditional Hagstrom craftsmanship, with the latest manufacturing technologies and reputation of one of the finest European guitar manufacturers. Already at the first touch, the unmistakable, authentic character of these instruments is difficult to resist playing.

Tradition and modern techniques unite. Of course, by fusing the latest achievements and the most sophisticated technological methods found in modern guitar manufacturing today, our goal is to provide the highest quality instrument, of uncompromised quality of workmanship to ultimately provide an individualized playing style and culture, each complimenting one another.

The excellent priceperformance ratio makes this series, with the complete production in Europe a true winner. When opting for a Northen-Series guitar, one does not only receive a top class instrument, but also a piece of our Swedish heritage and pride. Our Swedish design team has placed all of their passion into the design of these models, where their ultimate goal was to introduce you to your new loyal companion on your musical journey throughout life.

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Heritage guitars Heritage guitar Inc. The idea to start Heritage Guitar began when the Gibson Guitar Corporation closed its Kalamazoo, Michigan factory in September of and moved all production to its other plant in Nashville, Tennessee in operation since When this took place, some of the employees were asked to move to Nashville. However, since their families had spent many years in Kalamazoo, it made it difficult to uproot and move. In when the company was incorporated, 2 other former Gibson Guitar Corporation employees, Bill Paige and Mike Korpak, joined as owners.

Mike left the company in

Find a heritage-guitar on Gumtree, the #1 site for Musical Instruments & DJ Equipment for Sale classifieds ads in the UK.

Until now it has been accepted common knowledge the electric bass guitar was invented by Leo Fender in Fullerton California around Even with new information emerging, one notion certain to remain is that the existence of the electrified bass can be credited with impacting modern music at least as much as its cousin, the electric guitar. Indeed, besides adding a more powerful low-end throb to many forms of music, some knowledgeable folks have gone so far as to proclaim the electric bass was intrinsically responsible for the rise of new genres of music.

And during that same decade, rock and roll advanced with the substitution of solidbody electrics over upright acoustic basses. Larger by far, obviously, than violins or even cellos, basses were never lacking in volume when played in string ensembles. If simply being audible was difficult, lugging around a bass was even more of a challenge. The biggest hassle was that bassists occasionally had to travel solo with their bass filling the rest of their own automobile.

It was lonely, expensive, and probably led to weary bassists getting separated from their bandmates on road trips. But they were still all very tall, unfretted, upright instruments held in the standard vertical position. The radical design breakthrough that would impact the world of music was the marketing of an electric bass guitar — a compact, fretted instrument one could hold and play horizontally. Tutmarc, a pioneer in electric pickup design who marketed a line of electric lapsteel guitars under the Audiovox brand out of the unlikely town of Seattle.

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The NS shape designed by Ned Steinberger in has been much copied but never matched! The contoured body and compact shape are pure Spector and the sound from the EMG pickups is clear and punchy with beautifully controlled deep low end. Buy an original rather than a copycat and you will not be disappointed. The following is what we have physically in stock, as the UK’s foremost Spector bass dealer we can supply any Spector bass, please contact us for prices and availability.

Heritage Guitar Inc. has new owners. And while the creators of the handcrafted small-batch guitars are expecting changes, they may not be the ones you’d assume. “Everybody thinks you have someone with money come in and they are going to start pumping out guitars on CNC machines and have robots.

Controls and Control Configurations Potentiometer Date Codes The potentiometers of electric Hofners can be used to date instruments from about onwards. Prior to that time, Hofner used solid shaft pots with cylindrical metal bodies, the ends of which comprise composite material out of which lugs protrude. These have resistance values indicated typically at k, but no date codes. Hofner started using “Preh” branded pots with cast bodies in about , capped with square composite ends out of which lugs protrude.

The composite material is stamped with the pot value typically k and a date code. One great feature of these pots was the inclusion of eyes at each of the corners to allow for easy solder connections for grounding. The date code had either two or three numbers. The last digit refered to year, and the preceding digits refered to week.

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Until recently, I had only seen the Bauer name in Peter Forrest s A-Z book, described simply as Combo organ with or without speaker and amp in lid. Where can you have Today we are the largest manufacturer of stringed How old is your Vintage Guild Guitar? When was your Guild Guitar manufactured? List of Hagstrom Electric Guitars, Basses and Amplifiers Whether you’re an amateur or an ace, the Secret Guitar Teacher can give you all the tools you need to develop your skills and passion for music.

Comment: The book is % readable but visibly worn, and damaged. This may include tears, rips, folded pages, binding damage, dents, scuffs, scratches and sticker residue. The book also may contain heavy highlighting and notes.

Here is a very,very, rare guitar. Not many of these were sold as people thought they looked real strange. In fact they were made to look like a early 18th centuary instrument on purpose. It has a Mike Christian transducer bridge and is perfect for the acoustic player who likes to play electric now and again. It will never ever feedback. Made of course at the old Gibson factory in Kalamazoo this one dates from and is already worth twice what it cost new.

Yes I must confess after watching the videos of it on You Tube I thought “gotta get myself one of these” so a phone call to my friend at Ovation in the States and a week later here it is! All I am going to say about is that this is a fantastic guitar that suits the way I play so much I feel as if I designed it myself. Here is the Ovation blurb. Let me introduce myself. I am the new VXT Hybrid. I am the the ideal guitar for players looking for maximum acoustic and electric versatility in one simple to operate instrument.

Tonal diversity is what I’m all about. Pan from sweet acoustic finger style to hard driving power chords with one simple turn of a knob.

This is absolutely

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. S34C reviews — What year is an applause electric guitar serial number an what is it worth

gibson melody maker usa made(not for sale) here we have a balst of the past vintage gibson melody maker. guitar is all original,its shows lots of natural aged finish cracks all over the body,this is a true relic,nothing artificial,1 single coil pickup,wrap around bridge,its a shortscale,it plays very nice,and sound really great.

The body is made of highly flamed maple, absolutely gorgeous. And most of all, there is a detail we have never encountered on a Country Club: The sound post connects top and back, giving the guitar a greater rigidity, to avoid feedback problems when played really loud. No heavy dings, no heavy wear. The binding deterioration, so common on ’60 Gretsches, was becoming a real problem on the guitar’s body, since it just could not be stopped in any way.

So, instead of keeping on touching it up by replacing the damaged pieces one at a time, we have chosen to ask our luthier Salvatore Mancuso to complety restore it. The restoration job is just perfect, since Mancuso has used exactly the same material, dimentions and colour of the original binding. More rare details make of this guitar a true “collector’s item”: Rare and interesting indeed!

All in all, an exceptional guitar, rare and beautiful, with the same sound and circuitry of period’s s, but with an unique look and personality, with a great natural blond finish and a fantastic flamed maple body. Introduced inl as the budget model in the Chet Atkins line, the Tennessean mod. Few guitars have such a strong personality. The later Hi-Lo Tron version which replaced it was totally different from the original design.

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Wednesday, January 17, at Bright Morning Stars was released in to wide acclaim and apart from side projects, the intervening years have been taken up with busy lives and schedules that kept this reunion on hold for a tantalisingly lengthy period. Well, the wait has been worth it as we have been given nine songs that truly melt the heart with sublime harmony vocals and performances that raise the spirit. Wonderful, uplifting and essential. The 5 songs here are a look back to simpler times when honour and bravery were the key ingredients to doing the right thing.

Two of the tracks are repeated as acoustic versions at the end of the recording and the playing is suitably restrained and sympathetic to the sweet melodies of North Carolina, My Lord, My Lord, the title track and Cold War.

Hofner Guitars & Basses, String Instruments & Bows guitars. Today we are the largest manufacturer of stringed How to Date a Guild Guitar – Adirondack Guitar. Tips for Dating a Guild Guitar and Guild Dating Information. How old is your Vintage Guild Guitar? When was your Guild Guitar manufactured? heritage guitars owners club.

The trajectory of the Japanese guitar industry in many ways has mirrored that of the United States, though in a slightly compressed timeframe on the front-end because America had a fairly big head start. Many of the Japanese products never made it to the U. The Daion brand has a typically convoluted evolution. Following the War, two brothers named Yasuyuki and Hirotsugu this name comes from literature of their American distributor; Kazuyuki is given as his name in one online fan source Teradaira got jobs with a guitar manufacturer called Tatsuno Mokko.

Whether or not that brand was ever used on guitars in Japan is unknown, but probably. These were, understandably, distributed by Daion. MCI , of Waco, Texas. MCI is best known as the distributor of the famous Guitorgan invented by Bob Murrell, who supervised their musical products. The brand name was to be Daion, not Yamaki, which probably suggests the nature of the legal solution. Several online fan sources indicate a collaborative relationship regarding instrument design, but how much this was the case is uncertain.

MCI was really an electronics firm that fitted its creations into whatever guitars came to hand. Hirotsugu Teradaira is identified as a pioneer in the use of brass and cedar, both characteristic of Daion acoustics.

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The only force powerful enough to stop their progress was the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, According to history, all makers dropped what they were doing to join the war time effort. Epiphone had suspended their guitar production to make aileron parts for aircraft. However, the company emerged from the war with a different face…the man whose name was on every musical instrument had died during the war.

When the war ended in Epiphone renewed its battle with Gibson, however Gibson never resumed making upright basses and Epiphone again held strong with its upright bass making prowess. The Epiphone catalog showed this line up of basses with a notion that many items were not yet back into production after WWII.

While this is valuable in dating early representations of guitars, the details of the instruments should be viewed with caution. The strings of the guitar were made of gut – that’s the small intestines of sheep – as were the frets, which were tied on.

Only 3 pickup Stiles solid body I have ever seen! Guitar was entirely hand made by Gilbert Lee Stiles in his shop in Florida. Beautifully carved scroll body from a solid piece of mahogany as also the neck with carved scroll design on headstock. Fantastic inlaid fretboard incorporating about mahogany, walnut and maple inlays! Straight chunky neck with excellent frets!

Very comfortable player sitting or standing. Balances very well and has a very comfortable weight at 7 lbs. SWEET jazz tones from the neck pickup and cool punchy tones from the bridge pickup! So I am not making any money on this sale. I have only found time to play the guitar a few times and it has been sitting in a case in a smoke free climate controlled environment since.

Below is an exert from the original listing when I bought the guitar: Michael Wright Every once in awhile, a guitar comes out of left field. Gilbert Lee Stiles, as he was known in the early days, was born in Independence, West Virginia, in

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