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TH10 War Base & Trophy Farming Base Layouts

Because they target defenses and fly ignoring walls and other obstacles their path is very easy to predict. All there is to know is that after being placed, they will attack the nearest defensive structure. Once that defense is dead, they will go to the next nearest.

However, attack strength is ALWAYS taken into account, and CW matchmaking does all it can to make sure the “books are balanced” overall from top to bottom of a war map, both in terms of attack and defense strength.

Costea Lestoc September 16, 0 1, 1 minute read Clash of Clans is a very popular mobile video game and its number of players keeps growing. In order to keep the gamers happy, Supercell tries its best to constantly improve it and bring new additions to the game. The developer recently released on of the biggest Clash of Clans update, the Builders Base.

While this addition offered a new village, a new way to attack and new troops, it also came with some flaws. The most important one was related to the War Matchmaking algorithm. After numerous user complaints, Supercell is ready to fix this issue. What is the War Matchmaking System? With the new Builders Base, players were able to attack other villages in a new way and players were supposed to be matched with others that were similar in term of defense and offense so that the match would be balanced.

Supercell acknowledged this problem and promises to fix it The developer is aware of the War Matchmaking issues and the official Twitter account recently announced that Supercell will try to repair this feature as soon as possible.

Builder Games Rewards! Next Clan Games Rewards & Tiers

The reward you get depends how much you have won and the price you get always rises when you win a match. The only difference is the price you can get and of course, the price for the Gem Grand Challenge is way higher than the one you can win for a Classic Challenge. The thing is that the challenges always get harder the more you win — so there matchmaking is simply following your wins and losses in the challenges.

So, the higher this count goes, the harder your opponent get because you will get matched up not only against similar accounts, but also on these who have the same win balance! Getting Better matchups in Challenges Now the interesting part is, that this score you have is calculated globally and not only within a single challenge.

Matchmaking: Trophies, Experience, and Town Hall Level Understanding the matchmaking system, both how it works and why it matters. Learn its flaws and exploit them.

Video you’ll love from around the web Here are some important tips which will help you in your progress in Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans Cheats: After you join a clan, you can win more goodies by battling against other opponents. Remember, while fighting battles along with friends you need to have a good coordination. You also need to donate troops to your friends to support them and make sure you donate according to the plan. More Clan People — Your next target should be to have more people in your clan.

You can invite your Facebook and Game Center friends to play the game and have their Clan Castle rebuilt. You can then make them join your clan and play as a team. Shield — Shield protects you getting attacked by other players for a particular amount of time. The shield, however is lost when you attack other players or once the stipulated time is up. You also earn a shield for 12 hours when your village is destroyed by someone. Your village can also be protected by defensive buildings, traps and walls etc.

More details about the defense strategy is described below.

Clash of Clans Updates: Town Hall 11 (Grand Warden & Eagle Artillery)

Posted on January 4, by SynCaine Matchmaking for wars in Clash of Clans is a very important item, because when the matchmaking is too lopsided, you are basically locked in a terrible situation for the entire war, and since clan wars are the primary source of fun in the game for many including most in our clan , that can really sap the fun out of the game. Supercell is constantly tweaking how matchmaking works, but unfortunately right now its still an issue we recently had a war where we faced an engineered clan that had enough TH11 attacks to cover all our TH11, TH10, and TH9 bases , so here is a post suggesting how to improve it.

The first and biggest change would be to have a cap on war weight for offense that is easily reached. Here is how the cap would work:

Mar 06,  · Clan War Matchmaking guide for Clash of Clans. This video will go over how the clan war matchmaking algorithm is working right now and why.5 bases and.5 clans are facing a MAJOR disadvantage in.

I started playing Clash Royale when it was first released. We all started at the same time. After a six months of playing and reaching Level 8, I can say one thing: Clash Royale is a terrible game. Clash Royale ties together the best attributes from CCG and MOBA games with an absurdly fun playing style, but with draconian time-gating and extremely aggressive monetization psychology.

Clash Royale sets up intricate barriers to impede game progress. The biggest barrier is time.

War Focused Upgrade Priority

Your army composition in total will be like this: Barbarians are faster to train and are the main beneficiaries of Heal Spell in this composition and a large number are necessary for shielding Archers as you break inside a base. You will make more Dark Elixir faster by using Minions.

Matchmaking is the alternative to fighting against the AI/computer-controlled Clans. This takes place against real-life, human opponents. This takes place against real-life, human opponents. The opponent you are matched up with them depends entirely on your Trophies.

So what exactly they are? I am gonna tell you all about them in this Clash of Clans Guide! Basically, the way Town Hall 9. What are Town Hall 8. Basically, Town Hall 8. You should work on your troops before working on your defenses. Advice for Town Hall 8. You also should not upgrade your Dark Barrack because it will unlock new troops, which can increase the weight of your base.

Especially as a decent TH10, no matter how the rest of your village is, with maxed Inferno Towers , you can easily win the battle against TH9 players. These two defensive buildings have the highest scores at match making. As a Town Hall x. Also, at this time, the most popular attacks at Town Hall 9 and 10 are evolving around Golems , Hog Rider and Valkyrie so you will want to focus on upgrading them too.

You will want to focus on your troops first, before working on your buildings. As long as you can 3 star your own base, you are ready for Clan Wars!

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The war base is not the village. The war base is your home in the war map, and the village is your home in the normal game. For example, your village does not get locked during battle day, but your war base does. You do not donate troops to friendly villages during preparation day, you donate troops to friendly war bases. You do not defeat enemy villages in war, but you do defeat enemy war bases, etc.

It’s time to speak about Engineered Bases and the Matchmaking that got recently updated and plenty of Clashers put their hopes into. Engineered (additionally known as “lopsided”) bases have been a sizzling matter for everybody collaborating in Clan Wars, each informal and aggressive, for the previous yr now.

Follow this guide to hear about updates Attacking in Clash of Clans is where a lot of the resources you will earn are gathered. A lot of the preparation for it takes place in your own base, where you must train the units that you hope to use in the forthcoming battle. These wait patiently, once trained, around your Army Camps. Once you are ready to do battle, you tap the icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

This allows you to choose one of two options – either attack an AI opponent in the campaign mode, or attack another human player. If you choose to attack the AI, you will now be presented with their base and be able to pick where you want your units to land in. If you choose to attack another human, you have the option to skip past each base, if it looks too tough.

Version History

This is nothing unique to Supercell. Pretty much every major developer out there does exactly the same. Perhaps three or four.

Sep 05,  · Our matchmaking system aims to rank players based on their skills in the multiplayer matches. These skills consist of designing the best defense for your village, the ability to successfully attack other villages and the decision making skill of picking good targets to attack.

This particular scholar profession is more of a bruiser type caster which prefers to get up close and personal with its enemies. Necromancers use the dark arts to weaken enemies, summon undead minions and drain the life force from nearby foes to sustain themselves. Its unique class mechanics are Death Shroud and Life force. The Necromancer is a class that has very good access to a wide range of conditions making it suitable to take the role of debuffer or control through the use of crowd control skills and debuff conditions such as chill, weakness, blind, cripple and immobilise.

It is often considered a condition damage class despite its lack of high potential condition damage. This is due to its range of conditions and the base condition pressure it provides along with its natural resilience against enemy conditions. The necromancer lacks any form of active damage avoidance other than the base dodges, which makes it more challenging to play against high damage bosses and mobs where blind and weakness are less effective.

The Necromancer was previously the least popular class in organised PvE. It serves as a very selfish DPS class that uses a mixture of conditions and direct damage to deal with its foes. It is the class with the highest base durability in the game despite its light armour and lack of damage avoidance abilities. The Necromancer has the highest base health pool in the game, equal to that of the warrior.

Clan War Matchmaking – Less Mismatches

First off, You should also max all your farming troop upgrades and also key defenses Mortars, Wizar Towers,… before going to Town Hall 8. If you are upgrading your Town Hall to level 8, try to farm Gold and Elixir during this time as you will need to use them a lot after getting to Town Hall 8. The fifth builder is great but I think 4 guys are enough at TH8, truly you really need the last one when you reach Town Hall 9 in the future.

How Clan War Matchmaking Works Basically, you and your clan members get points for everything you have – you get defensive points depending on the Levels of each of your Defenses, you get attacking points for your Troop Levels and Spell Levels, your Heroes levels, and what you, theoretically, could create to attack someone.

An update packed with battle improvements, balancing and content is here! Prepare for the comeback of melee-attacking masters, and intense hero-on-hero battles inside of enemy villages! A level 5 is here to prove its battle prowess: Read below for more info. A has been reduced. Tap them to watch a live replay of the battle as it happens! The New Battle Specialists The time has come for a smarter, more strategic brand of heroes.

GW2 Tangled Paths Story Achievements Guide

I am a computer programmer and a math major so I am purely coming from my own war matching experiences and what I learned from the internet. So this is a post based on my educated speculation of how the system works. First of all, this thread did inspire me so please read this one first: How clash of clan war matchmaking works 1.

Clan War Upgrade Priority in Clash of Clans. Faizan Gul. War Weight and Clan War Matchmaking Fundamentals clash of clans raiding strategy town hall 9 Clash of Clans Spring Trap coc attack strategy th7 COC Spring Trap Farming with Goblin Knife Goblin Knife Farming Strategy GoHog Attack Strategy GoWiPe Attack Strategy how to attack in.

In the end, I feel that the problem is bigger than this and matchmaking and engineering needs to be tackled head on. Players get two attacks in war for up to 6 stars, while only giving up 3 stars on defense. War weight is calculated primarily based on defensive strength. These two things have given rise to the extreme abuse of engineering bases that goes from moderate. Wars are won primarily on strong attacks and not defenses, which leads to the current imbalance. The current war rules sans engineering are supposed to reward skillful attacks.

Without changing the war format to a single attack per person, which would change the underlying strategy, here is what I propose: War weight is calculated first by tiers based on town hall TH level. What this means is all TH10s would carry the same base war weight, which is higher than that of a TH9.

Clash of Clans – SUPERCELL MATCHMAKING AT ITS FINEST! Insane Matchup in Clan Wars!